Programming is hard!

At the end of the day, it is easy to forget to save our work,
to commit and push to out remote GIT server.

GitBar is a menubar utility that reminds to commit your source code.

GitBar will remind you of uncommitted repository during the day when you forget it. 

GitBar will watch your local git repositories and
smartly send notifications when you forgot to commit your work.



How it works

Once the git repository is added to gitbar it is watched for modification.



The state of the source is reported in the icon presented in gitbar.

fresh Source is committed and synced with remote

30m Source is committed but a push to remote is needed

2h Source needs to be committed



GitBar uses MacOS notification to notify when a repository is left with modifications for a long time.

Clicking on the notification opens the preferred git client to quickly commit.


Preferred Git Client

Selecting the repository in the GitBar menu or clicking on the notifications will open the preferred git client.

The app is used as preferred client is asked the first time repository is selected. If none is selected, Finder will be used.



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