Featured me FAQ

Featured me

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a feature with this app?

Just drop us an email at featuredme@mostlyperfetto.com

How can I turn off notifications?

Effettua il logout da fa

Why should I login to receive notifications?

Come faccio a bloccare l'accesso a etsy di featured me?

Dalla pagina delle app di etsy

Why can't your app work by just having my etsy user name?
Why must you have my password too?

Account privacy is our primary concern.
We are very serious about avoiding problems to our users and respecting their work as Etsy sellers.

Featured me uses Etsy standard application interface to retrieve only the store identification.
It is recognised as an official Etsy app, as you can see here http://www.etsy.com/apps/4837011352/featured-me

The username and password is not managed by Featured me but directly by Etsy. Actually, during the login process you are using the browser to navigate www.etsy.com
This is the way every officially recognised application talk to Etsy.

In every moment you can block featured me from accessing your store identification number using the official Etsy app page:

The login is necessary to ensure only store owner can be notified about their featuring.

Using Featured me will I sell more items?
Using Featured me will I be featured more often?

No, and no.
Featured me will only warn you when your work to appear on the Front page has hit the target. 

This will allow you to take action and share the

I was featured but I did not receive the notification. What's wrong?

I'm not happy about Featured me. I want to be refund

You can find the assistance link on your iTunes invoice email about